"Corsa" Factory R racing full-system  - Titanium

SUZUKI  - GSX-R 1000 i.e. (2012/2013)  - REF. 8710  - TYPE: CY

Total stock weight: 7.95
Total LeoVince weight: 3.93

Before remove the stock exhaust, it is necessary to disconnect the two cables of the valve driving gear and fix them in a point that is not interfering with mobile or hot parts of the bike. Fitting the exhaust it is necessary to disconnect the mechanical cables that control the exhaust valve and the electrical engine connectors of the exhaust valve. In order to avoid the lighting of the alarm that signals the absence of the exhaust valve, it is necessary to replace the same with the kit supplied in the packaging. For racing use, it is possible to replace the right passenger footboard where the LeoVince exhaust is fitted, with the carbon fibre bracket supplied in the packaging.

Kit blocco allarme valvola Staffa in carbonio per sostituzione pedana passeggero