FAST II Injection

The LeoVince FAST electronic control unit development program for multi-cylinder injection engines has reached its second stage.

You now have FAST II that besides managing injection (like the previous series) also controls starting, is able to supervise the working of 4 or more injectors, and is optimized for working with LeoVince exhausts.

In short, a valuable item forming part of a preparation "system" that allows you to improve the general performance of the engine, and also tune your vehicle performance for specific use on the racetrack.

In the latter case the possibility of re-mapping the control unit is a real plus. This can be done thanks to the management software that is supplied with the kit and is easy to use if you have a PC with a USB slot. A feature of FAST II is the possibility of mapping in "real time" mode, i.e. with the motorcycle on the test bed with the engine running, thus evaluating in real time every variation that is entered.

FAST II works in combination with the control box that is fitted as standard. In the basic kit, the watertight automotive wiring, specific to the motorcycle concerned, is supplied together with all the accessories needed to attach the unit and facilitate its installation.

FAST II is supplied with 3 pre-loaded mappings. To be able to select them while on the move, you need to purchase the optional switch.

A feature of FAST II is its "Recovery" function that automatically resets the links to the standard control unit in the event of a system malfunction, restoring the motorcycle's original configuration.

The LeoVince design allows for the possibility of reusing the control unit on different motorcycles from the one it is purchased for. This is possible owing to the fact that the control unit is connected to the wiring with a standard connector, and so all you have to do is buy separately the cables for the new vehicle and remap the control unit by downloading the dedicated mappings from the internet website (

The FAST II box is made from a waterproof plastic material.

FAST II is equipped with a series of optional kits that supplement the basic package:

- Lambda emulator kit or lambda removal plug (as required): this allows the lambda sensor to be physically eliminated, by continuing to supply its information to the original control unit, which consequently does not produce the cuts in power planned for in the event of a sensor malfunction, and allows the FAST control unit to work correctly.

- 3-position switch: this kit allows you to select the three engine management mappings pre-loaded by the LeoVince technicians.

- Fast shift: this kit allows you to manage gear changes without using the clutch. A sensor mounted on the gear lever "reads" the force that is being applied and, by means of special software, orders a momentary interruption to the fuel injection, thus making it possible to engage gear without pressing the clutch, and consequently save time.

Fast II basic kit:
- "Waterproof" control unit with three pre-installed mappings.
- CD with instructions in 5 languages.
- CD self-installer containing the re-mapping software.
- Dedicated wiring.
- Accessories for installing the unit.

FAST II optional kits:
- Lambda sensor emulator.
- Lambda removal plug.
- 3-position switch.
- Fast shift.

Plastic waterproof control box Waterproof dedicated wiring Anchor kit Assembly instructions and software (DVD) Software Lambda sensor emulator Lambda removal plug Fast shift 3 position switch USB cable