The LeoVince Scoot SP3 is the true evergreen of the special LeoVince exhaust range for CE homologated 50 cc motor scooters.

The range has been in production since 1996 and the secret of its ongoing success is its technical excellence which has had an important impact on the entire special exhaust sector, thanks to excellent performance levels combined with sound levels, which are much the same as those of the original systems.

The expansion chamber is made of 10/10 mm steel; the rear part consists of the silencer element incorporated with pipes and header sections, the function of which is aided by the ceramic wool interior lining, which covers the entire gas passage zone in order to prevent any resonance.

The result is a very "civilized" noise level, but significantly increased engine performance levels. The SP3 is fitted with a heat protective casing made of plastic material in a choice of black or grey colour.

Black casing Grey casing Exhaust system structure Type-approval Certificate