ZX-R: the new frontier in high performance.

Performance, design and carbon for the new expansion chamber from LeoVince Scoot that wants to rethink its super sport.

Silencer: large-size stainless steel body with enlarged exit pipe. Covered in carbon fibre and attached with an Aluminium clamp.

Expansion chamber body: made of special 10/10 mm steel, featuring an “open” double-chamber structure covered with deadening material. Its cones (up to a maximum of 9) are TIG hand-welded. When the construction has been completed, a transparent varnish is applied that protects the expansion chamber from the elements, whilst at the same time enhancing its racing design by leaving all the welding visible.

Homologation: the ZX-R expansion chamber is CE marked, so it can be used on the open road.

Additional equipment: The ZX-R kit also contains a set of springs and rollers to boost the variator performance according to the particular features of the exhaust and engine for which it has been developed.

ZX-R ZX-R ZX-R Type-approval data Exhaust system structure Type-approval Certificate