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Jorge Navarro - Gresini Racing


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LeoVince returns to the MotoGP World Championship through the front door after reaching an agreement with Gresini Racing to become one of the team’s official sponsors in the Moto2 class from 2018. This is a welcome return of the partnership between LeoVince and Gresini Racing, who worked side by side in the four-year period between 2006 and 2009.

LeoVince - the leading Italian brand in the design and production of exhaust systems – enjoyed great success in the previous partnership with Gresini – especially in 2006 when they won four MotoGP races with Melandri and Elias.

The renewed journey together starts in the middleweight class of MotoGP where, after a challenging but encouraging rookie year in the series, Jorge Navarro is ready to attack the 2018 season with the goal of taking his Kalex #9 machine to the front of the field.

Jorge Navarro

Roberto Morone – Supervisory Board Deputy Chairman: “After several years of absence, I’m happy to announce the return of LeoVince to the MotoGP paddock in the Moto2 class – and proudly as an official sponsor of Gresini Racing. LeoVince already had a successful partnership with Gresini Racing from 2006 to 2009, with great results both on the sporting and technical sides of the project. I’m really happy to be sealing this new partnership, which represents a starting point for both LeoVince and I. This agreement follows a rebranding strategy of LeoVince we started in 2016, which aims at taking back the brand to the level of prestige it deserves. The LeoVince and Gresini Racing philosophies match in terms of passion, innovation and work ethics. I’m very confident this new partnership with Gresini Racing will help us achieve great things together”.

Fausto Gresini – Team Manager: “I’m really happy of this new partnership between LeoVince and Gresini Racing. We all remember the exciting MotoGP wins we shared some years ago, so it’s obviously an honour to be associating Gresini Racing with this great brand again. But this partnership has an even deeper meaning for me because I’m crossing paths again with the Morone family, which I remember from long time ago when I was a professional racer and the logo of their brands were displayed on the bike I was competing on. A long time may have passed, but their passion - as well as mine – has remained unchanged, and so is the drive to win. Now we are approaching a new Moto2 season in which Jorge – after a rookie year in the series - will be able to show his full potential, and I’m sure it will be an exciting year!”.