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Out of the Street, Out of the Box

The LeoVince Off Road line is designed for those who always prefer to be "out": out of the box, out of the asphalt, out of the street, but inside have a passion that the hardest and the most impervious paths can't scrape. Stainless steel, aluminum and carbon fiber: simple elements, but, together with the LeoVince experience in the off-road world, create the perfect exhaust for each motorcycle.

Mud, Dust and Passion

As your passion leads you where there are no streets, ours led us to create new ones. From over 60 years we combine the most innovative materials with our experience to reach the perfection of a unique product.

Sons of Mud

We pay special attention to the sons of mud: each LeoVince exhaust of the Off Road line is developed specifically for each motorcycle, always according to the current regulations and to the know-how of a historical Italian brand.