Urban Animal

Navigating traffic in town doesn't mean sacrificing performance and style. The LeoVince Scooter line has been designed to offer the best performance for 2-stroke and 4-stroke scooters. Using quality materials together with our experience we created an innovative and noticeable design, that is well adapted to maxi-scooters without giving up to the usability for all smaller engines.

The First Love

The Scooter line has always been a must for LeoVince. It has been our first love, and today, if possible, we have dedicated to it even more passion, designing new products for maxi-scooters, born of our experience and our quality.

Urban Legend

Designed to maximize the performance of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, the LeoVince Scooter exhausts line have always had a leading spot in this market, thanks to the best materials used and to the accurate manufacturing, always in line with the current regulations and the know-how of a historical Italian brand.