Developed in collaboration with the LeoVince Racing Department, and applying the experience gained in the Moto 2 and Moto 3 championships, the LV-10 TITANIUM expresses the maximum in racing technology applied to a tailpipe designed for standard bikes.

The muffler and the collector are made using Grade 1 Titanium, a pure material that, in addition to guaranteeing a weight reduction of -30% compared to stainless steel, has high characteristics of ductility, strength and corrosion resistance.

TIG welding, carried out entirely by hand in a controlled chamber, enhances the craftsmanship of the product, highlighting the racing DNA.

The LV-10 TITANIUM exhaust has a sanded finish and the LeoVince logo is laser-etched.

LeoVince LV-10 TITANIUM will also be available in an approved version for some models.

Main Features

  • Full Titanium Material Grade
  • 30% Lighter than Stainless Steel
  • TIG Welding
  • Laser Etched Logo
  • Laser Cut Bracket

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