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Ride Out Loud

LV Corsa Titanium is the maximum expression of racing technology brought to the road: we developed it in collaboration with the best teams in the World Championships, to give you the same racetrack sensation in every corner of your daily ride.

We have conceived it without compromise. Its shape is inspired by what we manufacture for the best teams in the racing world: simple, compact, essential. LV Corsa Titanium dresses your bike with the racing look you are dreaming of.

We chose the Grade 1 Titanium for the sleeve of the LV Corsa Titanium to make it lighter. This guarantees the best performance for your bike: on the racetrack as on the road, only maximum lightness leads to maximum results.

The voice of the LV Corsa Titanium is unmistakable. Developing this exhaust, we used an open shape body that allows the rapid and direct flow of the exhaust gases, tuning the LV Corsa Titanium voice to the deepest and the most race-like notes you have ever heard before: the real sound of the racetrack, without compromise, finally available for your bike.


  • Outer sleeve made in Titanium Grade 1
  • Soudage TIG manuel
  • Laser etched LV Titanium logo
  • Laser cut bracket
  • Autocollant racing "LV" résistant aux hautes températures inclus dans la boîte

Caractéristiques techniques

Matériau Enveloppe Titane Grade 1
Finition enveloppe Finition mate grenaillée
Peinture enveloppe -
Matériau coupelle de sortie Acier Inox Aisi 304
Finition coupelle de sortie -
Matériau collier/patte Titane Grade 1
Logo LeoVince Logo LV gravé au Laser
Soudures Soudures TIG



Full Titanium

We chose to characterize the LV Corsa end-cap with the laser-etched LV racing logo and with three debossed shapes to make it unmistakable and to give your bike an extreme racing look.

The handmade TIG welds of the LV Corsa Titanium require specialized welders and provide the highest quality joints. It’s only in this way that we can guarantee the best quality over time of your LeoVince exhaust.

LV Corsa Titanium

All-Italian design

The laser-etched LV Titanium logo highlights its prestigious and all-Italian design, giving your bike an amazing look.

LV Corsa Titanium