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LV ONE EVO BLACK EDITION pour YAMAHA XSR 700/XTribute 2021 - 2023

5.0 / 5.0
  • Référence: 14360EB
  • Homologation: Non homologué
  • Compatible avec version 35kW


5,06 kg

-2,64 kg par rapport à l’échappement d’origine

dB(A) Level

93.00 dB(A) @ 4375 rpm avec dB-Killer

dB(A) Level

99.00 dB(A) @ 4375 rpm sans dB-Killer

  • Acier inox AISI 304
  • Coupelle de sortie look «Slash Cut» en carbone
  • Finition noire mate
  • Fibres à haute résistance thermique (900 °C)
  • Collier de fixation tout carbone
  • Logo LeoVince marqué au laser




  • Attention! Avant de commander le produit, il est recommandé de vérifier la compatibilité avec le type indiqué sur la carte grise du véhicule.
  • Toutes les images et les sons sont présentées à des fins d'illustration seulement.
  • Le produit réel peut varier en raison de l'application spécifique du produit.

Contenu du Coffret

Le kit est fourni complet et ne nécessite pas de pièces supplémentaires pour l'installation sur le véhicule, tous les composants inclus sont énumérés dans le dessin technique et le guide de l’utilisateur.

Silencieux LeoVince

Silencieux LeoVince

Tube de raccord/collecteur

Tube de raccord/collecteur

Kit de fixation

Kit de fixation

Carte LeoVince

Carte LeoVince

Autocollants LeoVince

Autocollants LeoVince

Vidéos d'Installation

Voir les instructions pour l'installation de votre nouvel échappement LeoVince.

Vidéos d'Installation


5.0 sur 5 étoiles

5 avis

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Rapport qualité-prix: 4.8 / 5.0

Style: 4.8 / 5.0

Son: 4.6 / 5.0

Facilité d'installation: 4.6 / 5.0

20 août 2023

United States CJ

Acheteur vérifié


Shopped around for a little while trying to find a good exhaust for my ‘21 MT07. This particular exhaust caught my eye because it looked so good on the black MT07 and that is the bike I own. I eventually decided to pull the trigger on this despite there being little info about it online. And boy have I been thrilled with this system! This exhaust system comes with two db-killers (one welded into the pipe that the exhaust tip slips over; and one removable one in the exhaust tip). With both db-killers in it isn’t much louder than the stock exhaust but definitely has more bass and a much more throaty sound. I took the removable baffle out just to see what it would sound like and immediately decided it was never getting put back in! Of course I didn’t want to be “That guy” so I was afraid that it would be obnoxiously loud and make the bike not enjoyable to ride, but it is the PERFECT volume in my opinion. Just loud enough so that you and anyone around can hear you driving down the road, but not so loud that when you do get on it it isn’t shattering yours and everyone else’s eardrums.
I will mention that you need a dremmel to take out the removable db-killer because the bolt holding it in has two tiny tack welds that prevent it from being taken out.
Also, be careful when attaching your rear set (foot peg assembly) because one of the bolts on my rear set scratched up my exhaust tip while I was putting everything back together.

04 août 2023

United States SteveF

Acheteur vérifié

Excellent exhaust

Can’t go wrong with LV exhaust. Great price and performance. A wonderful product. Have their product on my MT -07 and MT-10.

28 juil. 2023

United States Aaron

Acheteur vérifié

Great experience and product

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Leo Vince and my new exhaust. The packaging was absolutely second to none. I felt like I had won a prize when I opened the box, the muffler was swaddled like a baby with foam surrounding the muffler. The exhaust went straight onto the bike. It was pretty well a plug and play. Everything went into place as you go along. The only thing I would say is the exhaust is a little quieter than I was hoping for but is head and shoulders above stock (I have not attempted to modify the db killer in any way). On the bike the exhaust looks perfect and matches the design of the bike. I will purchase more products from Leo Vince. They definitely take pride in their products and craftsmanship. Keep up the attention to detail.

12 juil. 2023

United States Josh W

Acheteur vérifié

Great Sound

I really like the exhaust. I leave for work around 5 in the morning and I didn’t want to be “that guy”. This exhaust has a really nice deep sound but is not too much louder than the stock exhaust.

I really like the look and finish. I felt like there was some parts of the instructions that were kind of a solo mission on figuring it out. But at the end of the day it is a motorcycle exhaust so it wasn’t too bad either way.

28 mars 2024

United States JJRebel

Acheteur vérifié

Impressed and happy with purchase

Packaged nice, quick delivery and easy to understand directions to install on my '23 R7. Sounds great and looks good.