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X3 per KAWASAKI KLR 650 1997 - 2022

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3,27 kg

-2,23 kg rispetto all'originale

Livello dB(A)

  • Struttura interna semi-diretta a camere
  • Involucro in alluminio ad alta resistenza
  • Logo LeoVince laserato

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  • Prima di ordinare il prodotto, si raccomanda di verificare la compatibilità con il Type indicato sulla Carta di Circolazione del veicolo, sia per quanto riguarda il montaggio, sia per quanto riguarda la validità dell'omologazione. L'omologazione è valida solamente per i Types indicati nell'ePass presente all'interno del Manuale Utente o nel Certificato di Omologazione.
  • Tutte le immagini mostrate ed i suoni disponibili hanno solo scopo illustrativo.
  • Il prodotto reale può variare in base all'applicazione specifica.

Nella Confezione

ll kit viene fornito completo e non richiede parti aggiuntive per l'installazione sul veicolo, tutti i componenti inclusi sono elencati nel disegno tecnico e nel manuale utente.

Silenziatore LeoVince

Silenziatore LeoVince





LeoVince Card

LeoVince Card

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Adesivi LeoVince

Video di Installazione

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13 nov 2023

United States kdub

Acquirente verificato

good product

Easy install, looks and sounds great. Very lightweight. On a weekend trip into the southern NM mountains, it did melt the outer edge of my rear fender. Nothing bad though. I confirmed that it was correctly installed on the header and the bike did get very hot riding through the desert to get to the mountains. Highly recommend and this product is very well built. 2018 KLR

21 ott 2023

United States Enrico

Acquirente verificato

One of the best!!!

I already had Leovince exhaust on different bikes and I love the quality of their products! This one (X3) like everyone was very easy to install and fit perfectly my bike (2022 Kawasaki KLR 650). The sound is nice without be too loud and the bike has some gains especially because the engine "breath" better. Furthermore the weight of the exhaust is the half of the original one and you never have to "repack" it and it is one of the best advantage of their muffler. I will continue to buy and use Leovince exhaust forever!

30 set 2023

United States Dustin

Acquirente verificato

Great exhaust

I bought this exhaust mainly to keep the heat off my wifes leg when riding two up. The heat on her leg went from burning in ten minutes of town riding to non existent. Bonus’ : Easy installation, better sound, a slight increase in mid range, cooler running engine, and less heat felt coming from the radiator to my lower legs.
I would definitely buy again and would highly recommend. Build quality is very good and all items are carefully packaged. My exterior packing box looked like it had been in a crash. When I opened the box there wasn’ t even a scratch. Easily worth the money spent!

06 set 2023

United States Brian Carlson

Acquirente verificato

100% love it

The X3 was the easiest add on that I have installed, the sound is amazing. My buddy doesn't like to ride behind me as its so loud.

25 ago 2023

United States Jimbo

Acquirente verificato

This did exactly what I needed

The installation was a breeze. I used the most restrictive ( quietest) setup on my 2023 KLR 650S. The sound is great & the increase in performance is definitely noticable. Exactly what I wanted.

27 lug 2023

United States Tim F.

Acquirente verificato

Sounds amazing on a KLR650!

I installed the X3 on my 2023 KLR650 and love the sound! It has a deeper, throatier thump, measuring 3-4 db louder than stock, but isn't obnoxious with the long insert installed. The installation was super easy, taking about 45 minutes, which included removing the stock pipe. I can't vouch for any HP gain as I haven't dynoed it, but the bike did drop 7.6 lbs. which is a plus. The X3 is a bit pricier than other brands out there, but you get what you pay for as the build quality, looks, and sound are top notch. Throw in that it doesn't require re-packing and the X3 is a winner!

11 mag 2023

United States Ron Adams

Acquirente verificato

Easy upgrade

Easy peasy swap out on my '18 KLR 650. Now it sounds like a real thumper and not a washing machine. Also picked up better throttle response with no rejetting. Very happy with pipe so far.

23 mar 2023

United States Heloman

Acquirente verificato

Very well made, high quality product. Easy to install. My only problem is it chafes my SW-Motech bag mounts a bit but a little filing on the mount took care of that. Would definitely recommend Leo Vince products.

25 feb 2023

United States Manuel Sarti

Acquirente verificato

Amazing Exhaust

Love the sound and super easy to install. Love the fact that I do not have to repack the exhaust!

31 gen 2023

United States Luis Hernandez

Acquirente verificato

I would buy it again without a doubt

I would just like to say that the experience buying this product and the quality of it is awsome. I love the sound and the look of it. I would hands down recommend it to anyone who owns a klr650 or any bike for that matter.

28 dic 2022

United States Tmonty

Acquirente verificato

Great mod, easy install

Easy installation, several options for sound & spark arrestor. Sounds great too!!

22 dic 2022

Thailand PURITAT NOLAPHAN. from Thailand

Acquirente verificato

verry good

Good product when me installation finished filling for sound like it and more than power

23 ott 2022

Australia Amazing product

Acquirente verificato


Mounted the new exhaust on the KLR and completely change the sound and the bike!!!
Really high end exhaust that gives a cool look to the bike!
You can change the final part with another one included in the kit and increase the noise, but I really like it like that at It’s not super super noisy and still you can do a long trip comfortably.
You can install at home it in 30 min!

16 set 2022

United States Steve Foster

Acquirente verificato

I looked at a lot of slip on exhaust and ended up buying this slip on. Assembly was easy and my biggest concern was that i did not want a loud pipe but did want the improved performance. I put the insert for the spark arresstor on because i ride in the national parks and i love the sound and could tell a differance in performance.

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438,25 €

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