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MaxiScooter Tailor Made

Named for an Italian sporting tradition, LeoVince has realized with the GRANTURISMO BLACK EDITION a new sporty, competitive and absolutely original product. The combination of silencer and link pipe GRANTURISMO BLACK EDITION represents the perfect synthesis among innovative design, resistance and long-lasting durability.


  • AISI 304 stainless steel body and heat shield
  • Pintura a base cerámica negro mate
  • Stainless steel bracket with rubber damper mounting
  • Multi-chamber system with high temperature resistant packing (1,650 °F)
  • Logo LeoVince grabado en lasér

Características técnicas

Material Revestimiento Acero Inox AISI 304
Acabado Revestimiento Acabado mate
Pintura Revestimiento Pintura a base cerámica
Material copa de salida Acero Inox AISI 304
Ababado copa de salida Pintura a base cerámica
Material abrazadera/soporte Acero Inox AISI 304
Logo LeoVince Logo LeoVince gravado por láser
Soldaduras Soldaduras TIG/MIG


Soul and body

The silencer body is completely covered by a stainless steel heat shield painted with a matte black ceramic finishing: this ingenious solution, besides giving an exceptional look to the product, protects the silencer from the daily rigors of use and reduces overheating, while providing the motorbike with a performance increase.

The inside part of the GRANTURISMO BLACK EDITION is the result of a compromise between a dissipative silencers system and reactive silencers one.
Thanks to the silicon-based soundproof material and special anti-ageing filter, in the first step the exhaust gases and the noise are filtered; then they meet a multi-chamber system designed to guarantee noise reduction at the exit. The result of this effective balancing system is an approved, long-lasting and of high performance product.

products.granturismo-black-stainless-steel - ACERO INOX

Chemical connection

Thanks to a graphite bushing, with a special internal structure, the junction to the link pipe is more flexible and safe: for this reason, the GRANTURISMO BLACK EDITION has an enhanced resistance to mechanical stress, is vibration absorbing and has a great lowering effect without equal.

Finally, a stainless steel bracket, different according to each Scooter model and equipped with dampers to soften the vibrations, impeccably completes this high-tech and innovative product.

products.granturismo-black-stainless-steel - ACERO INOX