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GP Corsa EVO

Matte Carbon Look


The perfect balance between looks, performance, and value: this is the LeoVince GP Corsa Evo. Stainless steel, matte carbon and a special techno-polymer end-cap: the GP Corsa Evo is a racing-inspired exhaust dedicated to 4-stroke motorcycles up to 500cc.


Dark Carbon

We build the GP Corsa Evo sleeve with a double layer of 2x2 twill pre-preg carbon fiber, specifically developed to resist high temperatures and to make the exhaust even lighter.

We chose a matte finish for the carbon fiber and a brushed finish for the inlet and outlet, to give to the GP Corsa Evo a dark look, enhancing its shapes and making the black more intense and aggressive.

The sleeve of the GP Corsa Evo is enhanced with the LeoVince logo: a high temperature resistant sticker that highlights the LeoVince quality achieved in nearly 70 years of experience.

Innovative materials

The full carbon sleeve perfectly matches the end-cap made of high-strength techno-polymer. Strong and tough, we have chosen it for its optimal resistance to the nitric acid present in the exhaust gases, to keep your bike always in perfect shape.

The end-cap design is enveloping and compact: we designed every detail of the GP Corsa EVO to bring the feeling of competition to small displacement motorcycles, to give you the same sensations of the track on everyday roads.

Small displacement, great sound

The GP Corsa Evo sound is already powerful at low revs. The GP Corsa Evo benefits from the shape of the specifically designed internal chambers and high-strength packing material to optimally channel the exhaust gas, giving a deep racing sound and an unmistakable new voice to your bike.

Deep Voice

The techno-polymer end-cap is the ideal resonance chamber for the sound of the GP Corsa Evo. The large-diameter outlet enhances the low tones, and allows an optimal dispersion of exhaust gas, increasing flow even at low revs, allowing you to hit even the twistiest of roads.

We designed the GP Corsa Evo to transform small displacement bikes, by bringing the racing feel of the track and giving them a champion’s voice. A voice that can hold its own against their larger displacement siblings.

Feel the track

Lightness is essential to achieve maximum performance, on the track as well as on the road.

We manufacture the GP Corsa Evo with innovative materials and cutting-edge processing to drastically reduce the overall weight of your bike. Your motorcycle will be lighter, more agile and snappy, to guarantee you the experience you are looking for.

Nothing is left to chance

To achieve the maximum performance, nothing is left to chance: we designed the clamp of the GP Corsa Evo from a single strip of stainless steel and supplied silicon rubber isolation to eliminate any vibration.

The end-cap TIG welds are handcrafted by specialized craftsmen: this is the only way we can guarantee the maximum performance over time of your LeoVince exhaust.

Your motorcycle, our passion

We conceived and engineered the GP Corsa Evo in our R&D Center in Italy, taking advantage of the experience we have achieved in nearly 70 years of history.

We only use the best materials and we consider every detail throughout the production process. We have always favored handmade processes, performed by specialists, to allow you to relive the emotion we feel every time we enter the racetrack.

Only passion, zero worries

In the GP Corsa Evo box we provide you with all the components you need to easily install it on your motorcycle, even in your own garage. We have even made video tutorials to make everything easier: check them out in the Support Section.

We have thought of everything to make your bike ready to race.

Saddle up, hit the gas and unleash your Racing DNA.

Technical features

Sleeve Material Carbon Fiber
Sleeve Finishing Matte Finishing
Sleeve Painting -
End Cap Material High Performance Technopolymer
End Cap Finishing Matte Finishing
Bracket Material AISI 304 Stainless Steel with rubber gasket
LeoVince Logo Aluminum Sticker
Welding TIG Weldings