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Style and Performance

Who has said that custom can’t be synonymous with performance?
SilverTail doesn’t spare effort in research, development and design, wanting to give an even wider interpretation of the "custom" world, understood as a design product but with high performance.
SilverTail brings in Europe the real American "metric cruisers" style.


  • Fully chromed steel body
  • Removable inner part of the muffler
  • Chrome heat shield casing cover

Technical features

Sleeve Material Steel
Sleeve Finishing Chrome Finishing
Sleeve Painting Nickel-Chrome Plating
End Cap Material Steel
End Cap Finishing Chrome Finishing
Bracket Material Steel
LeoVince Logo Engraved SilverTail Logo
Welding MIG Weldings


Steel heart

The exhausts are made of chromed steel and several of them also include the header pipes up to the cylinder flange. The kit also has a chrome heat shield casing cover, to avoid, in large cubic capacity motorcycles, bluing of the pipes.

K02 - Chromed Steel

Perfect Chroming


Micron chromed thickness

The chrome finishing is achieved through a computerized process: the 5-micron nickel layer and the 50-micron chromium one guarantee a long-lasting quality over time.

The inner part of the muffler is easily removable, to allow periodic replacement of the sound-absorbing material in total autonomy.

K02 - Chromed Steel