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All the answers to the most frequent questions on our exhaust systems, slip-ons and mufflers.


Are the slip-on and full system kits supplied complete with all the components required for assembly or do other parts have to be purchased separately?

All LeoVince slip-on and full system kits are "Plug and Play", all of the components necessary for assembly are included in the package (muffler(s), manifold(s), bracket(s), small parts, etc.), any accessories are indicated in the "Spare parts & accessories" section of the product sheet. To install the product on the vehicle, it is not necessary to purchase additional components separately and/or make any modifications.


Can LeoVince silencers be repacked?

Yes, a sound-absorbing material kit purchased from our dealers is available for most of the LeoVince products. The replacement frequency varies according to the bike model and the type of use. It is suggested to replace immediately the sound-absorbing material in presence of significant color variation of the outer sleeve and/or noise increase.

The X3 Enduro muffler uses a mechanical baffle system and is maintenance-free. It is not necessary or possible to repack this muffler as it uses a multi-chamber system to reduce sound volume (similar to a stock muffler) not only a fiberglass core like a conventional off-road style muffler.

How can I clean my LeoVince exhaust?

As regards the metal parts, we suggest you the use of a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning product (Example: WD-40®or similar).
For the carbon parts, use a soft cloth and a mild detergent.
For all operations, wait the exhaust becomes cold.


I lost the approval; is it possible to get a copy?

You can download the USER MANUAL directly on "YOUR BIKE" page on our website. If your motorcycle is not listed or the homologation certificate is not available there, you can request it by filling the contact us form including the brand, model and year of your motorcycle and the homologation number present on the silencer.