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LV-12 Titanium

Ride Your Adventure


The LV-12 is ready for any adventure: LeoVince has combined the lightness of titanium with the strength of carbon fiber to create an exhaust dedicated to the most prestigious adventure bikes and maxi scooters.


Pure passion

Titanium naturally comes with an infinite ability to withstand corrosion as well as very high impact resistance. This is why we manufactured the LV-12 Titanium body in Grade 1 Titanium: the maximum purity of this material guarantees you an exhaust in perfect shape over time and allows you to ride your bike in the most extreme environments and any weather conditions.

A shot-blasted finishing is applied to LV-12 Titanium to enhance the matte effect of the titanium and give your exhaust an unmistakable look.

Carbon and Titanium

The LV-12 dual flow end-cap gives your bike the best performance to reach even the most unthinkable destinations.

We manufactured it with a special 2x2 twill carbon fiber, specifically designed to resist the highest temperatures and to make your exhaust even lighter.

The matte paint finishing, in addition to enhancing the texture, protects the end-cap from wear and UV rays, keeping your exhaust in perfect shape over time.

The carbon fiber end-cap is combined with the natural sheen of titanium, giving shape to a high-end exhaust, embellished with the laser-branded LeoVince Titanium logo to highlight the exclusivity of your exhaust.

Powerful and discreet

A powerful sound already at low revs. The new LV-12 takes advantage of a specially designed internal chamber geometry and high-performance packing material to optimize the exhaust gas flow, giving your bike outstanding performance with a deep, discreet sound.

Double output, unique sound

The end-cap in full carbon houses the double tail pipe: the ideal resonance chamber for the sound of LV-12 Titanium.

In addition to enhancing the low tones, it allows an optimal dispersion of exhaust gases, increasing fluidity even at low revs allowing you to hit even the wildest trails.


Grade 1 Titanium weighs 50% less than stainless steel. Significant weight loss guarantees better performance. This is the essence: maximum lightness to make you live your adventure to the fullest.

Advanced Processing

Not only titanium and carbon fiber, but also know-how. The TIG welds of the new LV-12 Titanium require specialized operators and provide the highest quality joints. Only in this way can we guarantee the maximum performance over time of your LeoVince exhaust.

Exaltation of lightness

If you are looking for maximum performance on any terrain, lightness and resistance are key. The design then gives shape to the performance: LV-12 Titanium is the adventure companion you are looking for. The oversized design inspired by the off-road tradition makes it ideal for your adventures.

The use of the best materials and the fine details enhance the look of your bike to make it unique: dynamic, charismatic and unmistakable on any terrain.

Great adventures, zero worries

The LV-12 Titanium is homologated according to the EU regulations in force relating to emissions and noise to give you the peace of mind of a stress-free ride.

In the package we provide you with all the necessary components for an easy installation, even in your garage.

We have thought of everything. Saddle up and enjoy your adventure with the new LV-12 Titanium.

Technical features

Sleeve Material Titanium Grade 1
Sleeve Finishing Shot blast finishing
Sleeve Painting -
End Cap Material Carbon Fiber
End Cap Finishing Matte Finishing
Bracket Material Titanium Grade 1
LeoVince Logo Laser Etched LeoVince Logo
Welding TIG Weldings